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Preparing Your Boat For Transport

Proper preparation of your boat for transport requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Please be sure the boat is ready to go when we get there to pick it up.

Besides having to pay the driver for unnecessary delay, this also causes us to get behind on the pick up and delivery of other boats we have scheduled for transport.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Please remember that if your boat is being moved at 60 miles per hour into a 14 mile per hour head wind, it is experiencing hurricane force conditions.

Particularly for smaller boats, some of the preparation information below may not apply to your boat.

Preparation for transport is not the carrier’s responsibility.
We will not be responsibile for damage that is the result of improper preparation nor will we be responsible for damage to or from caused by any item that shakes loose, becomes unattached, drops, falls or breaks.
Some examples are listed below:
Please review them while bearing in mind that these things are not the result of driver negligence but are due to road vibration and wind that are a normal part of boat transport and would happen no matter who was transporting your boat.
The best protection is to totally secure your boat and make sure you thoroghly check for any loose items or anything that might become loose.
We recommend that the boat be prepared for transport by an experienced boat yard and supervised or inspected by a licensed marine surveyor. This is particularly true for boats 30 feet and up.

General information

Marinas and boat yards will only allow their employees to prepare boats.

Any boat that is not properly prepared for transport will be shipped on an “As Is” basis only, and we will not be responsble for any resulting damage.

Items to be removed

it is important to remove and properly store the following items:

Examples of damage To Or From items for which we are not responsible:

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