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Moving your boat on your trailer

Moving your boat on your trailer

One of the main advantages of having us tow your boat on your trailer is saving the costs of having your boat and trailer travel-lifted or fork-lifted on and off our flatbed trailer.

Moreover, you enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery, without having to work around the schedule of a marina. Also, sometimes the boat can be delivered sooner when it does not have to be made part of a load.
If you are buying a boat with a large aluminum trailer that you will not need, talk to us about trading the trailer in exchange for the transport of the boat.
Your trailer must be absolutely road-ready for us to tow it.
Sometimes even when the owner has taken excellent care of the boat, we find that the boat trailer has been badly neglected.
Just recall how many boats on trailers you see in the emergency lane everytime you travel an Interstate highway. Most often this is the result of wheel bearing failure which leads to failure of the hub and axle assembly. Failure of a $12 part can result in several hundred dollars in repairs or worse.
That is why we can only tow your boat on your trailer if it is new, or in excellent condition.
Even then, the owner is responsible for having the bearings, lights, tires and tire pressure inspected and in perfect working order. A spare tire is highly desirable.
We must be able to contact you day or night in case repairs, parts and labor must be authorized and charged to your credit card.
Any time spent by the driver getting your trailer road-ready, repairing it, or waiting on it to be repaired will be billed at a rate of $55.00 per hour separately from other expenses incurred.
This must be paid in cash at the time of delivery. As you can see, it’s better for everyone if the trailer is in perfect working condition prior to the pickup.

Please consider this:

Spend a little, save a lot!

Trailer brake minimum weight requirements and height maximums by state.

For the legal requirements for trailer lights and brakes in your state.
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